All courses are 1 hour and 15 minutes unless otherwise noted in the description.


Age-Appropriate Training and Expectations (101)
Children do not learn in the same way as adults, especially when learning involves both intellectual and physical activity. This session focuses on the effect on kids when standards are lowered by adults to meet their own needs for the kids’ success. Fun and excellence, responsibility and freedom, worth and recognition, giving and receiving are all addressed.

Attacking Technically and Tactically (102)
This session will expose any coach to the theory of possession, from the stand point of clean first touch and what that means; receiving the ball away from pressure, and what that means; introduce them to the phases of play dependent on thirds of the field from goal to goal (build up from the back with using goal keeper, moving through midfield looking for final pass through, and attacking the goal) that will help them understand how to use first touch and receiving away from pressure to attack properly.

Building Blocks of Player Development (104)
Not every player can be a Lionel Messi, however; all athletes can develop and model constant qualities that are an important ingredient in player and team harmony. This session is designed for coaches to understand what type of things can and should be constant from one athlete to the next, regardless of ability.

Coach Administrator Training (105)
Arguably one of AYSO’s most important roles, this session is a necessity for all Regional Coach Administrators to learn and enjoy their duties and responsibilities. Topics include the history of the AYSO National Coaching Program; the importance of our sanction by the National Council for Accreditation for Coaching Education (NCACE); how to manage coaching courses; managing your coaching budget; the importance of a coaching calendar and much, much more! Experienced coach administrators are encouraged to attend and to add their experience to the discussions.

Coaching the AYSO Way (106)
Our six philosophies are the backbone to all we do at AYSO. In this session, participants will gain a greater understanding of the four that relate most closely to coaching – Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development, and how to apply them at every match and practice.

Development over Winning (107)
Too often players and coaches are considered successful based solely on a win and loss record. This session is intended to truly define what a successful coach and player are, and all in attendance will be given the keys to develop true team success for players and coaches.

Heads Up on Concussion (109)
A guide for coaches relating to concussion issues. This session will include the signs of a potential concussion, the responsibilities of coaches, referees and parents when there is a possible concussion, and where the final decision lies in removing the player from the match. Will also train coaches to understand what is required prior to a player returning to a practice or match and the progression to look at in brining a player back to playing. Suggested alternatives to players heading the ball to include various ball control methods and a change in the style of team play.

Maximizing Coaching Moments with Young Players (112)
How to successfully teach the game to young players using the five golden rules, observation skills, psychological motivation, maximizing coaching opportunities and coaching points.

Quality Session Planning and Implementation (113)
Many coaches struggle with what they would like to accomplish at their training sessions. Coaches will learn how to plan and conduct a successful practice, including what a training session should look like and how to develop and progress a training session to fit the needs of both the individuals and the entire team.

Staying True to the AYSO Coaching Program (114)
The pressure society (and parents) place on coaches (and players) to win can be detrimental to an athlete’s development. All AYSO programs should be truly player-centered; however, there is concern regarding significant discrepancies between some Regional programs and our AYSO National Program. This session examines the potential differences and how they can impact a player’s development.

Tactical Formations and Systems of Play for the Intermediate and Advanced Coach (115)
To educate coaches on the different types of tactical formations and how to use them in a match. In this session, Systems of Play are broken down into tactical areas explaining, for example, when to defensively use a flat back four versus a diamond formation, and the best tactical formation to counter with based on what system your opponent is using. This would highlight why it might be time to switch formations in the middle of the match. This session will also explain the difference between a 3 line system and a 4 band formation.

The ABC’s of Coaching the Goalkeeper (116)
To better educate coaches how to train the goalkeeper working with the 3 principle parts of the successful goalkeeper: Positional Play, Collection, and Distribution. The reasons that goalkeeper training should be done at a separate session, and who should coach the goalkeeper. Explanation of angle play, reading the attack, organizing the defense and controlling the “box”.