**Indicates a NEW workshop. All courses are 1 hour and 15 minutes unless otherwise noted in the description.


**RC Training Continuing Education Part 1: Creating Local Value (701)
Developed specifically for RC Training graduates, but open to all Regional Commissioners; this two session continuing education workshop is designed to help Regional Commissioners and their leadership teams to get funds, fields, volunteers, media and other resources by increasing the value of their Region in their local community.

Part 1 of this workshop identifies 8 specific steps to make your Region more valuable to your community, regardless of your Region’s size, geography, income level or experience.

In an era of increased competition for resources, when your Region is considered important you are more likely to get community resources and assistance. When you get more resources and assistance, you are able to attract more families. When you have more families and resources, you get more volunteers and can offer higher quality programs you increase the quality and size of your Region, you become more valuable to your community. When you are valuable to your community, your Region becomes self-sustaining. It’s also more fun!


**RC Training Continuing Education Part 2: Drill Down for Decision Makers (702)
This is a hands-on session working with your peers to apply the information you received in Part 1 and define concrete next steps you can take in your Region. You will identify strategic partnerships and discuss how to engage your local decision makers; did you know that partnerships work best when both parties get something valuable? Come have fun & find your Region’s answers!