**Indicates a NEW workshop. All courses are 1 hour and 15 minutes unless otherwise noted in the description.


Auditor (201)
Are there questions about how Regional funds are handled and spent? Is there something that just isn’t quite right? Want to know how to uncover practices that could lead to fraud or embezzlement? This workshop provides basic training for the Region, Area or Section Auditor to independently ensure fiscal management in all levels of AYSO and identify potential problems before they occur. Even if you have no financial background, this course will help you get started with the tools that you’ll need for an independent review of your Region, Area or Section. Learn how to spot a “red flag” and what to do when you spot one. Learn what you can do if improprieties are uncovered.

Budgeting for the Regional Board (202)
Preparing the annual budget is not just the Treasurer’s responsibility; the entire Regional Board should work on the process. Learn the responsibilities for each Board Member and how to involve all in the budgeting process. Get tips on how to be responsible and creative with the money that has been entrusted to you. The workshop will be especially helpful to Coach and Referee Administrators, Equipment Coordinators, Safety Directors, Registrars, CVPAs and all Treasurers and RCs. Through “hands on” activities, everyone will learn what they need to do to complete their portion of the budgeting process. This budget information, when gathered from the entire Regional Board, will prepare the Regional Commissioner and Treasurer to assemble a financially sound budget.

Developing a Regional Calendar (203)
You won’t believe how clever and useful using a Regional calendar can be. This workshop will walk you through the steps of creating and personalizing your Regional calendar. These techniques address how to create a Regional calendar to help you plan and properly prepare for each event: registrations, opening day, picture day, etc. Included are various on-line tools to help you automate your processes. It will be an indispensable tool in recruiting volunteers and in succession planning.

**Dispute Resolution (204)
Formerly part of Dispute Resolution, but expanded information “Where there’s smoke…there’s fire”. Regional Board Members and Area/Section Staff learn to recognize potentially explosive situations and how to deal with them before they flame up. This workshop reviews the many tools available to properly deal with difficult people and difficult situations which, left to smolder, can turn your “sunny Saturdays” into manic Mondays. Lots of fun role play and some new tools for your management toolbox.

Division Coordinator (205)

This workshop is a must for all Division Coordinators. All the basics are covered including roles and responsibilities and the importance of functioning as an intermediary between the RC, RCA, RRA, Coaches, Referees, and parents. See how a Division Coordinator can be effective in different scenarios and learn how to have a real impact on the success of your Region.

**Due Process (206)
Formerly part of the Dispute Resolution, but expanded information This workshop is for all RCs, RCAs, RRAs, CVPAs, ADs and Area staff. Learn the process to use when limiting, suspending or removing/terminating a volunteer (Non-Executive Member) from their participation in AYSO. This workshop will review the many tools available to properly deal with serious personnel problems and examine the procedures when offering the volunteer their due process and appeal protection.

Keep Calm and Carry on – An Rx for Leadership Stress (207)
Leadership in general is a heavy burden. Volunteering to be a member of a Regional Board carries added responsibilities and time and organizational demands that can generate high levels of anxiety, worry and stress. This continuing education workshop will provide follow-up education to some of the concepts covered initially in RC Training and will help Regional Commissioners, their Board, staff and other key volunteers identify leadership stress and offer creative, practical and innovative ways to deal with the stress before it becomes toxic and triggers burn-out.

Regional Board Member Training (208)
Calling all volunteers on the Board and in positions such as Fundraiser, Division Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Purchaser, Secretary, Field or Equipment Manager, Snack Bar Manager, and Team Parent; this workshop is for you. Learn the common responsibilities all volunteers share in the areas of budgeting, time management, communications, and recruitment necessary to make a Region successful.

Regional Management (209)
4½ hours (Formerly known as Introductory Management – for all RCs, Board and Staff Members)

Learn how a Board works together to make life easier by improving trust, communications and understanding. Discover the importance of running effective meetings, ensuring good communication and program planning by developing a budget and calendar together in class. Includes active participation, exchange of ideas, testing your ability to delegate and give directions, and a lot of laughs!

Registrar (210)
Did you volunteer for this job but now feel overwhelmed? Are you confused or need help getting started or worry about what to do next? Ever wonder why AYSO does things in certain ways? The answers are in this workshop. Learn about the entire registration process and the critical responsibilities of the Registrar and other Regional Board Members. All Regional Board Members will benefit from the fun activities.

Registration Day – The Survival Guide (211)
Registration is the most important event for every Region. It’s the time to register players and recruit volunteers. This workshop provides real “hands on” training as participants simulate an actual Regional registration. Help set up the room, recruit volunteers, connect with problem parents and delegate responsibilities to the entire Regional Board. Join the fun and see how it might work in your own Region!

Registration – “Face to Face” or “Face to Computer” ONLY – What Benefits the Region Most?** (212)
This workshop is not just for Registrars! Is your Region considering discontinuing in-person registration events because player registration and volunteer application can be done online? E-signature technology has simplified these processes and can save time for both the participants and the Region staff. But is there still value in having in-person, face-to-face events? What are the benefits of personal interaction with your potential volunteers and players? Come and explore the pros and cons with your fellow Registrars and other Board Members.

Safety Director (213)
This position more than any other has the opportunity to create the “safe, fun, fair environment” that all AYSO parents expect. Learn what it takes to fulfill the role of the Safety Director including the responsibilities and duties necessary to ensure the safety and risk management of the Region’s soccer program. What do Soccer Accident Insurance (S.A.I.) and risk management mean to your Region? Find out what it means to AYSO and your program.

**Safety Directors – Why Aren’t You Bragging More? (214)
AYSO prides itself on striving to create a SAFE, fair, fun and positive environment in which all children and their families can enjoy the game of soccer. Regional and Area Safety Directors (and all other Board Members) come to this workshop to learn how to develop a strategy to let parents, players, volunteers and your community have a better understanding about everything AYSO does to keep your children safe while enriching their lives.

30 Fantastic Volunteer Retention Ideas (215)
You successfully recruited volunteers, now how do you keep them? These fantastic ideas aren’t off the internet or out of a book. They are the best ideas from volunteers in Regions all throughout AYSO and are presented in this workshop to help motivate and recognize these valuable resources.

30 Great Volunteer Recruiting Ideas (216)
Is your Region always short on volunteers? Are they tired and over-worked? Learn about the 30 most recommended ideas for recruiting new volunteers to help out in your Region. Any one of these ideas may change and revitalize your Region. These 30 great ideas came from volunteers just like you. These are real and tested ways to recruit volunteers successfully.

Tips and Tricks to Running an Interesting and Effective Regional Board Meeting (217)
This session will focus on length of time, agenda creation, who should be there and what should be reported on a monthly basis. You will be given 10 ideas to make Regional Board Members look forward to each meeting.

Treasurer (218)
2½ hours (for all new and experienced Treasurers)

This “double” workshop for all Treasurers covers everything required to perform the job. Learn about budgeting, reporting receipts, opening a bank account, using required reports and important deadlines. This workshop is not just for Treasurers –RCs and the entire Regional Board can gain insights on how your Region operates fiscally. For those more experienced Treasurers, there are tips that will make your job much easier and new developments concerning the Treasurer job duties. The Treasurer has one of the most important jobs on the Regional Board: the tracking and safeguarding of the children’s money. It must be performed accurately.