**Indicates a NEW workshop. All courses are 1 hour and 15 minutes unless otherwise noted in the description.


Delivering Great Customer Service (501)
Most of us don’t think of ourselves as being in a customer service role as AYSO volunteers. Difficult and demanding parents can make you feel like they’re the enemy, not the customer. But whether you are a coach, a ref, a Region Board Member, or a temporary helper, the fact is our actions make an impression on our Region’s families – our customers – in one way or another. But offering great customer service can pay off in more volunteers for you and more players for your Region. This workshop helps us consider our roles through the lens of our customer and offers practical tips for how to deliver a great customer experience in your Region.

Digital 101: Social/Digital Media Beginners Tutorial (502)
Could your Region’s website use an overhaul? Heard of Facebook but don’t know where to begin for your Region? Feel like you’re behind the curve in general when it comes to your Region’s digital or social media presence? You are not alone! Young families connect, communicate and research online. This workshop focuses on the basics, is filled with how-to’s and guidelines you can put to work right away. It is designed to give you the confidence to get things started right. No technical expertise required. Don’t let an out of date website or lack of a Facebook Page make your Region look second-class – you, yes you, can change that!

Digital Media Download: Advanced Social Media, Website and Advertising (503)
Designed for Regions with a more advanced digital footprint and experience/working knowledge of social media for their Region. Part workshop, part roundtable, you’ll get updates on the latest and greatest in all things digital that can enhance your Region’s presence, and have the opportunity to share what’s working for your Region, ask questions, and learn from others how they are putting these tools to work to strengthen their programs.

How to Get Local Sponsors for Your Region (504)
Successful local sponsorships are win-win…your Region gets more resources and your sponsors get more business. In this workshop, learn how to: find the right person to sell sponsorships; identify the benefits you can offer; use your parents to find new sponsor contacts; give great customer service and renew those sponsorships every year!

‘Rec’ Is Not a Four-Letter Word: How to Leverage Who We Are (505)
People believe AYSO = Rec Soccer, and here’s the inside story on how we know that and what it means for your Region. This workshop covers a decisive piece of Brand research that all AYSO volunteers should be aware of, and discusses ways to leverage its findings with techniques, tips, and tactics to be the pre-eminent youth soccer brand in your community. This research was conducted by one of the top soccer research firms in the U.S.
(U.S. National Coach Juergen Klinsmann is a Principal in this firm!)