Welcome Workshop Leaders




Welcome 2015 AYSO EXPO Instructors!


The fun and success of the EXPO depend, in large measure, on the Workshop Leaders who represent the best of AYSO. Thank you for being an important part of it!

The workshop PowerPoints and Lesson Plans can be found in the discipline-specific navigation buttons in the drop down “Workshop Leader” tab above. Please review these materials prior to your EXPO assignment and read the Workshop Leader Checklist which will answer many of your questions about being a workshop leader.


Some important updates for 2015 include:



No Paper Copies of Lessons

Paper copies of Lesson Plans will no longer be provided on-site. Please be prepared and bring your own paper copy of the Lesson Plan/PowerPoint.

No Workbook

There will be no Workbook this year. Instead, a small number of workshops will have pen-to-paper handouts, which you can pick-up in the Instructor Lounge.

Workshop Numbers

Each workshop has a unique number. This number will be used to fill out the new scantron Workshop Survey at the end of each class. Al list of the workshop numbers, instructions, surveys, and no. 2 pencils, will be provided in each room.

Rosters Provided

Any workshop or course with a Roster will be provided on-site by the National Office. Please do not pull your own Roster.

If you are the lead or co-instructor in at least two workshops (or the equivalent of 2.5 hours of instructing), the early registration fee will be reimbursed by the National Office.

We appreciate the commitment that you have made as a Workshop Leader. Thank you in advance for supporting the 2015 AYSO EXPO with your leadership!

pdf Reimbursement Form